Patriot Technology provides Network Vulnerability Assessments for business clients and government agencies.

What is a Network Vulnerability Assessment?

Our Network Vulnerability Assessments utilize a combination of advanced software scanning tools as well as a procedural review of how your organization deals with information technology and data storage.

A network vulnerability scan is a crucial first step to improving your network’s security posture. Call (615)431-8448

Typically we install an agent onto your network, which scans your interconnected systems and takes an inventory of your current network state. This is an excellent way to quickly obtain information about which devices are connected to your network as well as deeper information about those machines. For example, our reports will tell us if you have machines that are not properly patched and are currently at risk for malicious compromise.

This agent will collect information about open ports and all manner of things such as the last time a given machine was accessed. We can learn information about who / what may be using privileged access accounts, etc.

In business networks, you often “don’t know what you don’t know” and a basic network vulnerability scan is an excellent place to start for beginning to implement a proper layered security plan for your organization.

Our analysts will also conduct a review of your organization’s policies and procedures and notate instances where you may be at risk or not operating within recommended practices.

We compile both the technical report along with the policy and procedures analysis to give you a complete picture of your current state as well as a list of recommendations that your in-house IT Team can begin to address or if you do not have the time or expertise to address these, our Security Engineers can do the work on your behalf.

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