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One of the most common misconceptions we hear from customers is that because they’ve made the switch to the cloud that their data is protected from loss or corruption. As robust as Microsoft’s data centers are and no matter how much you trust their reputation – technology can still fail and there is no native Office 365 backups to recover unless you trust someone who can setup Nashville Office 365 backups for you.

What are Office 365 backups?

Our Nashville Office 365 backups allow us to provide our partners with automated backup and recovery of email, calendar, OneDrive and SharePoint services within Office 365.

Nashville Office 365 BackupsOffice 365 has quickly become the gold standard for companies looking to transition from cumbersome self-hosted email servers to a dynamic and robust cloud-based platform for their basic office productivity software. Office 365 comes in various flavors, but whether you’re looking for just Office 365 email or want the entire Office 365 suite with SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, etc., YOU MUST set up some sort of automated backup protection or your company’s data is at risk.

The Nashville Office 365 backups that Patriot Technology uses is capable of effortlessly ensuring that your company can recover from a failure or glitch in office 365 to include your email content, your calendar and also any files you’ve saved to OneDrive. Every night Patriot Technology performs Nashville Office 365 backups for local companies and we maintain a dashboard where we can check whether or not those backups were successful or not.

Making Mistakes is Ok!

Making Mistakes without Office 365 Backups is NOT!

Another important reason for purchasing a Nashville Office 365 backups service like the one we provide is sometimes as users we just plain mess up!

Did you know that if you accidently permanently delete a very important file that it could be lost forever?! What if this file is crucial to your business operations or is critical to ensuring your contract or sale is successful?

Not having Nashville Office 365 backups in place is rolling the dice that you or one of your employees is NEVER going to make a mistake.

However with our automated Office 365 backups solutions we would be able to recover the missing file or even go back to a different day and recover the entire mailbox, OneDrive folder or SharePoint folder with minimal disruption to your business.

The best defense against information technology problems is to take a proactive approach by having automated Office 365 backups in place before an emergency arises. Hopefully this explanation of the importance of having proper Office 365 backups in place has shown you why you should not delay implementing this solution.

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