HHS Renders Heart Stopping $2.5 Million Judgement Against Cardio Device Company for Missing Laptop

From the it can’t happen to me files”

Health and Human Services Office of Civil Rights levied a $2.5 Million in penalties for a single laptop that was lost containing the information of roughly 1,300 patients.

According to a recent Bloomberg article,
‘”BioTelemetry Inc., CardioNet’s corporate parent, is the fifth largest public electrophysiology device company in the world with a $869.2 million market capitalization, Bloomberg data show. Electrophysiology involves monitoring electrical activity in the human heart to detect abnormal rhythms.

The company allegedly wasn’t able to provide any final policies or procedures for protecting ePHI, including for mobile devices. The HIPAA Security Rule sets national standards to protect ePHI by requiring appropriate administrative, technical and physical safeguards.

Settling the allegations without admitting any liability, CardioNet also agreed to implement a data security corrective action plan to address the missing safeguards.”‘

For Companies operating in the health care space without CURRENT established policies and procedures (lack of Mobile Device Policy was key in this case and often times the Tech can change and companies haven’t updated their plans and policies to reflect it) you’re exposing yourself to massive risk to both possible fines and loss of reputation in a breach or investigation.

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